Welcome to the Xentara Skill Program

The Skill Program is a collaboration program supporting third party developers who want to take advantage of the numerous possibilities of the Xentara platform. It offers co-marketing opportunities, passive revenue streams and an opportunity to shape the future of Smart Industries and create the future.

Expand Your Market Reach

By making your Xentara-enabled Skills and tools available through Xentara directly, they are automatically presented and advertised to embedded ocean's customers and the ever growing installed base of Xentara users.

Earn Recurring Revenue

Once your Skill is part of our licensing program, embedded ocean handles sales and licensing so you can concentrate on your core business while receiving yearly revenue reports and payouts.

Benefit From The Community

As part of the Xentara ecosystem, your Skills and tools are the first choice for system integrators and planners designing Smart Factories and Machines based on the Xentara platform.

From Agreement to Revenues: A Timeline

typically within 2 weeks
usually takes less than 10 weeks
typically within 2 weeks of submission
typically 1 - 2 weeks after certification
New Partner and embedded ocean sign Mutual Partnership Agreement
embedded ocean provides Partner with Xentara Developer License, SDK and API Information
Partner develops their Skill and submits it to embedded ocean for certification
embedded ocean tests and certifies Skill
Skill is published and added to available Xentara licensing options
embedded ocean pays Recurring Revenues from Skill Licenses to Partner

Frequently Asked Question

What is a "Skill"?

A Skill is defined as any kind of software that interfaces with Xentara and expands or enhances its functionalities in terms of connectivity or data processing. Skills rely on being connected to Xentara, meaning they do not work as a standalone product (the Partner is free to commercialize the same functionality in standalone products outside of the Xentara ecosystem). 

For example, a Skill can be 

  • a connection plugin for a certain fieldbus or hardware device
  • a data connector to any IT or OT application such as MES or ERP
  • a Microservice performing tasks based on data provided via the Xentara semantic model

There are no limits to a skill’s complexity – even a full local machine learning instance can be a Skill.

What is the Xentara Marketplace?

The Xentara Marketplace will be an upcoming online shop front provided by embedded ocean for marketing and commercializing Skills. It is going to work similar to the app store on your phone. Customers will be able to browse existing Skills, read detailed information about them, and license and install Skills directly from the store.

Can everyone develop and monetize Skills?

Yes. There are, however, several conditions:

  • Your Skill has to connect to Xentara in some way
  • Your Skill has to create value or solve a use case
  • Your Skill has to pass our certification process

Is there a limit to the Skills I can develop in the Program? What if a similar Skill already exists?

There is no limit to the possible topics of Skills; if it provides data to or uses data provided by Xentara and generates value, it is a valid Skill.

Even if a similar Skill already exists, you are free to develop your own (new and improved) Skill for the same functionality.

Of course, there is also no limit to the number of Skills a single Partner can develop and release.

How does Skill Certification work?

Once a Skill has been submitted to embedded ocean, it is thoroughly tested by our software engineers to ensure stability and 100% compatibility with Xentara. That rigorous process typically takes no more than two weeks. After that, the Skill receives official certification and is ready to be commercialized.

Do I give away any of my rights?

No. Your Skill is and remains your IP. You do, however, grant embedded ocean an exclusive, worldwide distribution license for your Skill.

Why an exclusive license?

To ensure quality and compatibility, certified Skills are exclusively distributed and licensed through Xentara licensing and later through the Xentara Marketplace.

This does not limit your rights to develop and commercially release standalone software with the same functionality or similar Skills for other platforms (as long as these other products do not interact with Xentara).

How does embedded ocean help me with monetizing my Skill?

  • Once a Skill has been certified by embedded ocean and commercially released, it is automatically advertised to embedded ocean’s customers and Xentara users
  • New or significantly updated Skills are periodically featured in embedded ocean marketing materials or press releases
  • Developer Partners receive co-branding materials from embedded ocean for marketing their new Skill to their target audience

Do I still have to take care of license control etc.?

Customers buy licenses for Skills directly through Xentara. License control and tracking are handled by embedded ocean.

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