Welcome to the Xentara Reseller Program

With the Xentara Reseller Partner Program, embedded ocean invites system integrators, IoT service suppliers and software consultants / distributors to join us in establishing the Xentara ecosystem as the platform the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be built upon.

With attractive volume licensing options, Xentara Resellers can offer their customers a future proof, highly adaptable Industry 4.0 platform while reducing costs.

What is your business model?

System Integration

Factory Integration and Brownfield Digitalization can be a major hassle. Make your job easier, shorten development cycles and deliver everything your customers need by deploying Xentara on their projects, allowing them to save time, money and effort.

IoT Services

Whether in Analytics, Visualization, AI / ML or Northbound IT (MES, ERP, etc) you need connectivity and a powerful data aggregator / preprocessor. Integrating Xentara with your services gives you more flexibility and enables easier client side deployment.

Software Distribution

As an IT consultant or software distribution agent whose customers are interested in the huge potential of digitalization, Xentara is an attractive addition to your product portfolio. The platform offers a low-threshold and affordable entry into the world of Industry 4.0.

Frequently Asked Question

What does Xentara Volume Licensing cost?

Volume Licensing contracts are individual agreements between embedded ocean and the Reseller based on the Reseller’s product, business model and estimated annual licensing volume. As such, there is no standard pricing information available. Rest assured volume licensing will always be significantly cheaper than individual licenses.

How does embedded ocean support system integrators?

Our Engineering and Project Management teams stand ready to support you on any project from the planning stage until final deployment. Using Xentara, complex devices can be seamlessly simulated to help with designing distributed systems.

Through our Marketplace Program, we can connect you with developers to implement custom tailored Skills for your requirements.

What happens to my customers' data? Does embedded ocean take control of it?

Your customers’ data is and always will be theirs. What happens with it is entirely their decision. Xentara empowers them to handle data analysis themselves or to use any external service provider they choose. At no point does embedded ocean access any of their data unless contracted as a service provider for data processing.

How do I integrate Xentara with my clients' northbound tools (MES, SAP, etc.)?

Xentara’s open nature means your clients can keep using established tool sets. embedded ocean offers software connectors to several established MES and ERP suites. If there is currently no software adapter for the suite your clients use, it can be developed as part of an ongoing joint project.

My project clients already have an Industry 4.0 roadmap and chosen certain technologies. Do they need to change course?

No. Because Xentara has open interfaces that can adapt to all kinds of different protocols, any technology your clients have already chosen can be integrated into a Xentara empowered strategy. Actually, their roadmap will probably be simplified by using a universal integration layer like Xentara, but the overall strategy will stay in place as desired.

I am an OEM (e.g. machine builder). How do I integrate Xentara into my product line?

Please contact us directly to discuss possible cooperation models.

Who will support my customers if embedded ocean ceases their business activities?

embedded ocean has a “Xentara Legacy” program in place that will release the platform as Open Source in case the company ever goes defunct. Not only is the OS community very good at maintaining legacy code, but this will also allow you to have your own software engineers work on the platform (or hire an external software developer to do so). You could even create your own fork of Xentara if you desire.

Also, with Xentara available as Open Source, partners will continue developing Skills and other enhancements.

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