Our Mission

The primary mission of everybody at Embedded Ocean is enabling our customers to implement Smart Industries at scale:

  • self-optimizing
  • highly flexible
  • fully resource-efficient

For this purpose, we have created the Xentara platform.

What Does Our Mission Entail?

Empowering Innovation Through Simplicity

There is an adage that is called “the ugly truth about innovation”: In reality, just 10% of it is actual innovation. The other 90% consist of laying the necessary groundwork. Or, as Edison is rumored to have said, “Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% transpiration”.

Xentara Handles the invisible part of the “Innovation Iceberg” for you.

Process Improvement Through Time Deterministic Controls

Any kind of improvement is based on experience – often even on trial and error. But in the realm of industrial process quality, relying on trial and error is way too costly.

So the way to improve processes is to analyse machine and production data in realtime right on the industrial Edge and directly optimize process parameters from the results.

Integration of the Physical and Digital World

Say goodbye to costly prototypes. By designing and developing your system in a simulation environment, you can make changes in seconds. By developing software against the simulation model, programming and hardware design can now be done in parallel while simulated testing allows you to correct flaws in the model without expensive hardware changes. Iterations are much faster and your time to market is massively improved.

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